The Data Bazaar

The Rise of Managed Self-Service and the Data Bazaar

Recorded Webcast

Join Matt Aslett of 451 Research at this 30-minute webinar on moving beyond the data lake to unlock insight from enterprise data.

The concept of the data lake was attractive as a data management environment used to store raw data that can be accessed by multiple users for multiple purposes. However, the concept didn't come with a set of instructions in terms of what the underlying technology components or functional requirements were, or how one should go about creating one.

Many early adopters set off in the hope of proving value further down the line, but without a clear idea of the requirements or use cases. As such, many created what could be described as a "data swamp" – a single environment housing large volumes of raw data that couldn't be easily accessed for any purpose, let alone multiple purposes.

As enterprises have built out the data governance and self-service data preparation functionality required to turn the concept into reality, they are beginning to enjoy the business benefits of an agile strategic data management platform. It has also become clear, however, that this has evolved into something far beyond what was originally described as a "data lake."

Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, explains how enterprises are taking advantage of data catalog, data lineage, and data security functionality alongside collaboration and automated recommendations to deliver self-service data management environments that span not just Hadoop-based data lakes but relational databases and cloud storage, resulting in what 451 Research has termed the "data bazaar."

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