Conforming to an ever-changing regulatory environment is a challenge many of us face on a daily basis.

In the past, many companies reacted to new regulations with reactive initiatives which lacked the flexibility needed to facilitate future regulatory changes. This is problematic because data pundits agree that the chances of regulatory stagnation is literally zero. What companies need is a highly flexible architecture and components which quickly and easily adapts to evolving regulations.

While some companies are reactive, forward-thinking companies like SunTrust have developed an agile, AI/machine learning based governance and compliance solution to handle the onslaught of regulatory changes.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from SunTrust on their achievement along with executives from Cloudera and Waterline Data who will demonstrate how other companies can develop a more agile and cost-effective governance solution for today’s regulation and the future’s unfolding compliance needs.


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Scott Whitney

Scott Whitney

SVP Product - Waterline Data


Michael Gregory 2 - Cloudera-1

Michael Gregory

Machine Learning Field Engineering Lead - Cloudera


Lauren Park - SunTrust

Lauren Park

VP Enterprise Data Governance - SunTrust